Plastic Spur Gear with Steel Core

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Plastic Spur Gears with Steel Core

Plastic spur gear product-4.2

Plastic spur gear is commonly used inside various machines, such as food processing machines, household appliances, chemical-related machines, toys, and medical equipment.

Plastic gear commonly used materials are engineering plastic polyformaldehyde (POM), polyamide MC nylon, U-PE, PEEK, etc.

Plastic gears have many advantages, such as being lightweight, having no rust, and having high silence. In addition, there are many advantages, such as injection molding can achieve mass production, and paired with metal gear can achieve no lubrication. On the other hand, plastic gears have disadvantages, such as low strength, easy heat, and significant dimensional changes, such as tooth clearance, compared with metal gears. However, the extent to which plastic gears are prone to dimensional changes depends on the material’s resistance to temperature changes, water absorption, and chemical resistance.

Plastic Spur Gear with Steel Cores Specification:

Plastic Spur Gears with Steel Cores Specification
Precision Grade JIS grade N9 (JIS B1702-1: 1998) JIS grade 5 (JIS B1702: 1976)
Gear Teeth Standard full depth
Pressure Angle 20°
Material MC602ST with S45C core
Heat Treatment
Tooth Hardness (115 ~ 120HRR)


Primary Information of Plastic Spur Gear:

Product No. NSU1-50
Module 1 Number Of Teeth 50
Shape S1 Bore (A) 10mm
Hub Diameter (B) 30mm Pitch Diameter (C) 50mm
Outside Diameter (D) 52mm Face Width (E) 10mm
Hub Width (F) 10mm Total Length (G) 20mm
Metal Core Diameter 34 Series Code 12
Backlash Low 0mm Backlash Up 0.34mm


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Plastic Gears for Sale

A custom-made plastic gear can be used to transfer not only motion but also power. While spur gears were once the most common type of plastic gear, almost all types of gearing, including cylindrical worm, helical, and ring and pinion gears, are now manufactured.

We have a wide range of China plastic gears for sale that can be used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Our gears are made of high-quality plastic, so you can be sure they will last long and perform reliably. We also offer a variety of sizes and styles to choose from, so you can find the perfect gear for your needs.

Lubricating Plastic Gears

When lubricating plastic gears, it is essential to choose the right type of grease based on the tribological performance and material compatibility. Some factors to consider include the viscosity, NLGI class, base oil and type of thickener. These factors affect the lubricant’s efficiency and its compatibility with the plastic gears.

The first consideration when lubricating plastic gears is a lubricant’s compatibility with the plastic. If a gear is not compatible with a lubricant, it may deteriorate prematurely, causing cracks and pits in the gear’s surface. The base oil and additives used in the lubricant must be compatible with the gear’s surface, as well as the plastic itself.