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We can supply a full-range of electricity transmission products like chains, sprockets and plate wheels, pulleys, gearboxes, motors, couplings, gears and racks. The substantial exact CNC products, these kinds of as Gradual-feeding wire-lower device, jig grinding machine and electric powered discharge equipment, ensures the leading good quality precision of mould processing, with the substantial productive and environmental defense acid rolling line being the biggest uncooked material converting tools in the field in china The wildly use of computerized milling device, high-pace automated feeding punch, higher speed automated rolling and assembling equipment ensures the higher high quality and performance of elements and chain generating. With several years’ encounter in this line, we will be reliable by our advantages in competitive value, a single-time delivery, prompt response, on-hand engineering assistance and excellent after-income solutions.Moreover, all our generation methods are in compliance with ISO9001 expectations.

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EPTtong Coach Bus School Bus EPTligEPTT 24V

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Bus product:


ZK6122EPTT Dimensions: 11600*2550*3830 (mm)

ZK6147H yutong bus()

ZK6147H Dimensions: 13670*2550*3860 (mm)

ZK6116D yutong bus()

ZK6116D Measurement: 11545*2500*3560/3650(… (mm)

ZK6122H9 yutong bus()

ZK6122H9 Size: one thousand*2550*3830 (mm)

ZK6122H9(HN9) yutong bus()

ZK6122H9(HN9) Measurement: 12000*2550*3830 (mm)

ZK6858H9 yutong bus()

ZK6858H9 Dimensions: 8543*2470*3340 (mm)

ZK6120D1 yutong bus()

ZK6120D1 Dimensions: 12000*2550*3780 (mm)

ZK6720DF yutong bus()

ZK6720DF Measurement: 7150*2240*2940 (mm)

ZK6107EPT yutong bus()

ZK6107EPT Size: 10490*2500*3670 (mm)

ZK6129H yutong bus()

ZK6129H Dimensions: 11995*2550*3800 (mm)

ZK6122HE9 yutong bus()

ZK6122HE9 Measurement: 11600*2500*3600 (mm)

ZK6752DFA9 yutong bus()

ZK6752DFA9 Dimensions: 7470*2340*2970/3100(A/C) (mm)

ZK6107EPT(E) Size: 10490*2500*3670(3500) (mm)

ZK6129HQ yutong bus()

ZK6129HQ Dimension: 12280*2550*3800 (mm)

ZK6708DH yutong bus()

ZK6708DH Dimensions: 7045*2065*2750 (mm)

ZK6932D1 yutong bus()

ZK6932D1 Measurement: 9300*2450*3380 (mm)

ZK6760DAA yutong bus()

ZK6760DAA Dimensions: 7625*2320*3060 (mm)

ZK6930H yutong bus()

ZK6930H Size: 9295*2480*3330 (mm)

ZK6608DM yutong bus()

ZK6608DM Measurement: 5875*2240*2780/2890(A/C) (mm)

ZK6752N1 yutong bus()

ZK6752N1 Measurement: 7470*2340*3100 (mm)

ZK6908H yutong bus()

ZK6908H Dimension: 8995*2500*3460 (mm)

ZK6938HQ (Mentor) yutong bus()

ZK6938HQ (Coach) Dimension: 9350*2500*3340 (mm)

ZK6838H yutong bus()

ZK6838H Dimensions: 8325*2470*3340 (mm)

ZK6729D yutong bus()

ZK6729D Dimensions: 7190*2240*3040 (mm)

EPTT buses:

ZK6126HGA Size: 11990*2550*2985 (mm)

ZK6118HGA yutong bus()

ZK6118HGA Dimensions: 11600*2550*3075 (mm)

ZK6131HG1 yutong bus()

ZK6131HG1 Size: 12500*2500*3150 (mm)

ZK6128HGE yutong bus()

ZK6128HGE Dimension: 11990*2550*3150 (mm)

ZK6100NGA9 yutong bus()

ZK6100NGA9 Dimension: 10440*2500*3400 (mm)

ZK6852HG yutong bus()

ZK6852HG Dimension: 8545*2420*3085/3205(A/C) (mm)

ZK6108HG yutong bus()

ZK6108HG Size: 10305*2500*3100 (mm)

ZK6741HGA9 yutong bus()

ZK6741HGA9 Dimension: 735*2350*3000/3200(A/C) (mm)

ZK6128HG yutong bus() ZK6128HG

ZK6108HGC yutong bus()

ZK6108HGC Measurement: 10305*2500*3200 (mm)

ZK6842DG yutong bus()

ZK6842DG Dimension: 8350*2430*3165 (mm)

ZK6729D yutong bus() ZK6729D

ZK6116HGS Size: 11310*2550*4200 (mm)

ZK6126HGB yutong bus() ZK6126HGB Measurement: 11975*2550*4035 (mm)

Intercity buses:

ZK6122H9 Dimensions: 12000*2550*3830 (mm)

ZK6122H9(HN9) yutong bus()

ZK6122H9(HN9) Measurement: 12000*2550*3830 (mm)

ZK6121HQ yutong bus()

ZK6121HQ Dimensions: 12365*2550*3400 (mm)

ZK6938HQ (Intercity bus) yutong bus()

ZK6938HQ (Intercity bus) Dimension: 9350*2500*3340 (mm)

ZK6729D yutong bus()

ZK6729D Dimension: 7190*2240*2850(to roof… (mm)

College buses:

ZK6729DX Size: 7245*2270*3035 (mm)

ZK6669DX yutong bus()

ZK6669DX Measurement: 6645*2270*2955(roof ha… (mm)

Airport airfield bus:

ZK6140BD Size: 13800*3000*3100 (mm)

EPT automobiles:

ZK5150XLJ1 Dimension: 10490*2500*3670 (mm)

ZK5181XSW1 yutong bus() ZK5181XSW1 Measurement: 12000*2550*3830 (mm)

ZK5120XSW1 yutong bus() ZK5120XSW1 Measurement: 8543*2470*3340 (mm)

ZK5039XJH1 yutong bus() ZK5039XJH1 Size: 5223 times1901 times2360 (mm)

ZK5157XQC yutong bus() ZK5157XQC Size: 10490*2500*3670 (mm)

ZK5080XGC3 yutong bus() ZK5080XGC3 Size: 6630*2340*3571 (mm)


EPTT ISCe three hundred thirty


WD 615.44

YC6L 350-three


Male D2866 LOH 28

Hino J08C UF


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Certification ISO/Ts 16949 Gsc GMP ISO14001 Fsc

  in Kerman Iran (Islamic Republic of)  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Yutong Coach Bus School Bus Starter manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler

  in Kerman Iran (Islamic Republic of)  sales   price   shop   near me   near me shop   factory   supplier Yutong Coach Bus School Bus Starter manufacturer   best   Cost   Custom   Cheap   wholesaler


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